If we can’t stop these democracy-defying practices, tax them instead

The Supreme Court declaring spending limits on political donations to be unconstitutional does nothing to prevent the U.S. government from taxing transactions involving money voluntarily spent…which campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures most assuredly are.

If we can’t eliminate money in politics, TAX IT INSTEAD!!

Tax revenue could be distributed proportionally to states for election-related expenditures.
~ States could develop a system of public financing for elections.
~ Others could implement ranked choice voting, make voter registration easier or more​ secure, and/or update voting equipment.
~ Another wants to expand training and pay for poll workers? Great!

The chart below demonstrates…

As money rages through our electoral system; as machines turn votes into digital tallies without paper trails; as people are purged from voter rolls without notice; as widespread fraud and/or foreign interference is alleged…where is the agency tasked with overseeing all this?

They are doing exactly what they were designed to do.


The FEC (Federal Election Commission) is basically a corpse — lifeless, ineffective and useless — and that is exactly how politicians and those who finance their campaigns like it.

Formed in the wake of the Watergate scandal in 1974 to regulate the flow of money into…

When in reality, they’re most likely performing for their own

Any time politicians take up an issue meant to reform our political system, there is a very real danger of them co-opting it for their political advantage, rather than focusing on the actual reform. In the case of HR1/SB1 — the For the People Act, designed to reform our election & campaign-finance systems — the accusation that this is precisely what Democrats are doing is coming from two directions. Ironically, the more valid of these is the one getting the least amount of attention.

Perception-wise, the biggest issue facing this proposed legislation are the lies that Donald Trump and many…

Democrats have offered plenty of justifications for abandoning principles over the years. How’s that working out?

Democrats are fond of saying that their complicity in playing the campaign finance game and bending to the will of well-heeled campaign donors and their lobbyists is the price which must be paid to stay in power and effect positive changes elsewhere.

So, how’s that working out?

The problem with this approach is that every time a person compromises their principles, they drift farther away from being a principled person.

No one sets out to be the caretaker of a corrupt system, but that is exactly what happens when one keeps employing these sorts of misguided justifications.

We’ve been hearing…

It’s not six degrees from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, it’s a straight line

For anyone not aware, there has been a bit of an online food-fight the past few days over a suggestion by comedian & blogger, Jimmy Dore, that progressives in the House should withhold their votes to reconfirm Nancy Pelosi as Speaker unless there is first a floor vote on Medicare for All.

The rationale is, even if the motion fails, it forces those who like to give lip-service to the idea of M4A to show their hand.

Everyone would have to reveal whether they actually support this particular reform, or whether they are just telling their constituents they do because…

And money doesn’t equal morality

Few would say that teachers, firefighters, soldiers, hospice workers and others who perform these types of mid-level jobs are motivated primarily by money…and yet, those who defend unfettered capitalism repeatedly imply that it is money alone which drives people to perform labor of any sort.

Republicans are unapologetic about their support for capitalism and its associative narrative, but why don’t their political opponents ever point out this particular disconnect?

Why don’t Democrats ever hold up these professions as examples of why we should build a system that works not just for people looking to squeeze every last penny from their…

Please stop treating any & all criticism of Democrats as ‘both parties are the same’ rhetoric

You might forgive Democratic supporters for being a little defensive. They’ve been hearing ‘both parties are the same’ for a while now. After four years of Donald Trump, anyone still saying that does sound pretty foolish at this point.

However, that does not mean the Democratic Party is everything that we need it to be, and as long as its supporters, in their defensiveness, refuse to acknowledge the party’s shortcomings…it never will be.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Let’s start with the obvious. Democrats are every bit as beholden to big money special interests as Republicans. People can justify that by saying unions aren’t…

Fixing student debt without the political blowback

Summary: An examination of four alternative solutions to blanket debt forgiveness for student loans, which collectively offer a better alternative for solving this very real problem, while minimizing potential blowback.
They are:
1. Retroactive interest rate adjustments
2. Helping states establish alternative funding models
3. Fixing underlying issues related to rising cost of education and lack of jobs for graduates
​4. Spreading smaller direct payments to a broader section of students & graduates.

​Outstanding student loan debt in America currently sits at more than
$1.6 TRILLION, with approximately 12% of borrowers currently behind on payments. Both numbers are expected to…

Republicans have systematically & strategically undermined people’s faith in government for decades. Who will restore that faith?

Most of my political writing is solution-oriented. This is not that.

This is the article I will keep referencing back to when I am making the case for solutions which show what government can and should be doing to make life better for the citizens it represents.

The Republican Party has been strategically and systematically undermining American’s faith in government for over two and a half decades now. The ideas which Reagan spawned in the early 80’s were re-birthed on steroids by Newt Gingrich in the mid-90’s. …

First we are water
A path so rarely chosen, yet it defines us so
Quick to boil, easy to freeze
Perpetually thawing, even as rains repay the vapor
Shallow and deep, quiet and loud, calm and tumultuous
Consistent only in our inconsistency
When we are water

Next we are fire
Ablaze with passions real and imagined
Whole worlds fall to ash within a fiery embrace
Many flee the inferno, others stubbornly burn where they stand
Until only those precious few remain, dancers betwixt the flame
Promethean souls who gain from our matchless utility and infinite warmth
When we are fire

Jeremy Peters

Writer of Fiction, Political Commentary & More. Host of Equality of Opportunity Political Podcast (@EqualOppPodcast). On Twitter @JPeters_Author.

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